Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Radha and I just love to share the healthy-foodie love, which is what this blog is for!

This blog, ‘Healtherella’ is the culmination of my food journey surrounding a search for nourishing whole food. It is for sharing my love and knowledge around food and health and will pretty much combine the two whenever possible. So if your looking for information, inspiration or just some great recipes this blog is for you!

A bit about me:

Growing up in country NSW, Australia, food was a central part of my family life and with a mother who was a naturopath and yoga teacher and a father with Italian heritage, I always ate healthy delicious food. However, some minor health issues in my 20’s got me to explore different foods and ways of preparing them which has evolved my idea of healthy food. Eating a meal was a special time to be shared together in our family and I still take this with me in life. There really is something special about sharing a meal with someone and I hope I can inspire you to keep doing this too!

My  first job after school was an apprentice chef. I worked in fine dining restaurants in Sydney, Australia but it was not what I was expecting! After 2 years I became disenchanted with the unhealthy lifestyle of the profession and the over manipulation of the food in fine dining. So with much angst I decided that the chef’s life was not for me and I left the industry. But what was I to do?
As many people who need a direction do, I went to university! I competed 2 degrees (B.A. Sociology and Gender Studies and B.Ed. (early childhood) ), worked as a teacher for a few years and now I am a teaching director of a community preschool in Sydney, Australia. I love my job and am very passionate about the importance of the early years for forming the foundations of life. Since leaving my apprenticeship though my passion for food has stayed strong and cooking has always been my escape and way of connecting to myself and others. I am always spreading my passion for food and health to children and families and I hope for this blog to continue the sharing of information and ideas with other people.

In my spare time I am working on my new catering business “the feel good kitchen” that specialises in delicious paleo-friendly treats and wholefoods. Exercise also plays a huge part in my life and I don’t know where I would be without being able to spin around a pole (I have done pole dancing classes for 6 years), work my ass of at my gym or stretch, breath and be present in yoga and mediation. That is what makes me tick. So what about you?

I hope you enjoy reading Healtherella!

Please drop me a comment if you try a recipe or have something to add to one of my posts.


You can also find me on instagram: @thefeelgoodkitchen and my catering company is on facebook: The feel good kitchen.

In good health,

Radha xx

Here’s a photo of me too. x


  1. Hi Radha, nice to meet you 🙂 I just started following your blog today after finding you through the Enliven FB page. I have just commenced my own journey to find a better way of living and eating for my young family and me and I get most of my direction from my amazing Enliven trainer and through blogs like yours. I am looking forward to leaving my old ways behind and living a new healthier life. It has been quite a slow transition so far as I am still very much in learning mode. Really looking forward to trying out your Sung Choi Bao and other delicious recipes. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Laura

    • Thanks Laura and thanks for sharing! So glad to hear you are embarking on this journey. I hope you enjoy my blog and the sung choi bow… a tip is to use the mince from the chicken rissoles at enliven organics… Makes them taste devine. Make sure you say hi when your next at Enliven. X

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