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So, I haven’t posted for a while but I’m back. It’s been over 1 month and in this time I have diverted back to cooked foods,  then not so healthy choices then embarked on a 40 day revolution at my Yoga studio, which I am still in the middle of and has brought me back to wholesome choices. This combined with my own research on food and awareness of their effects on my body and emotions has led me down a different path…Hence, the reason I have changed the name of this blog: from ‘Raw Tales’ to ‘The Wholesome Choice’. I did this because in my brief raw food experimenting I felt it did not serve my nutritional/physiological needs. I have also come across traditional Chinese philosophies which support the need for cooked foods and/or a mix of raw and cooked (depending on the needs of the individual). So, I do not feel ‘raw food’ was the path for me. Since following these philosophies my digestion has improved greatly and I feel much more in-tuned with my body. So I will still explore raw dishes but will combine it with other whole food choices. This is the path I will be exploring, researching and sharing…

In light of this I want to share the little I have learnt about traditional Chinese medicine. This is taken from Baron Baptise’s book: ’40 Days to Personal Revoloution’ (2004). Baptise explains that the aim of this philosophy is to ensure our bodies are in balance. This is achieved by becoming aware of our ‘body ecology’: what our personal bodies are like and thus what they will need to be nourished and balanced. He says traditional Chinese medicine believe there are hot and cold patterns in the body, which can become out of balance in this modern world.

Identifying if you have excess of heat or cold in your body is the first step to decide what foods will benefit your body. A person with an excess of heat will generally prefer cold weather, cold drinks, will sweat easily and have difficulty sleeping. They may have loud voices, be prone to skin breakouts and may be irritable and/or have a bad temper. A person with an excess of cold will generally prefer hot weather, drink hot or warm drinks, does not sweat easily and curls up while sleeping. They may have soft voices and pale skin and are generally quite and reserved in nature.*

The other pattern Baptise explains is deficient/excessive body patterns. These are cycles our bodies go through throughout the year. When we are in the building phase we are ‘deficient’ and may feel weak, run-down, thin, fragile, fell we are lacking something. Conversely in the cleansing cycle we may have ‘excess’ in our bodies, such as being over weight, having excess of toxins, and feeling sluggish, foggy and/or overburdened.

So which one are you?
I have excess of cold at the moment and am in the cleansing stage, so changing to heating foods combined with  cleansing foods has really benefited me (a list of these foods are below).

Foods That Are More Heating*
Foods That Are More Cooling*
Calorie rich foods
Dense meat: lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, Pork
Bread, rice and other grains

Lighter foods e.g. salads
Less dense meat: white fish, shell fish, clams, crab
Soy products
Most beans
Bok choy
Green tea
Foods That Cleanse*
Foods That Build*
Small portions of any food
Water based veges and fruits
Dandelion greens
Fruit juice
Tomato sauce
Spices: ginger, cumin, cardamom, peppermint
Fish, Sardines
Larger portions food
Whole grains
Starchy foods
Milk products
Root veges
Soy milk
Dense meats: beef, lamb, pork

*Cooking methods also impact on the heat of foods. The more heat used to cook the more heat is added to the body.

COLD        >   WARM    >       HOT    >        HOTTER          >             VERY HOT
Raw       Poach   Steam     Boil          Bake         Saute                 Stir fry         Deep Fry

So this is what I am working with at the moment and its working a treat for me. I hope you can gain something from it too! Take what works for you and leave the rest. If you have any stories or comments please share!
I am enjoying cooking again too! I will share some of my creations and achievements with you soon! Happy Eating!

* Taken from Baptise: (2004): 40 days to personal revolution: A breakthrough program to radically change your body and awaken the sacred in your soul.


About Radha

I have a passion for good healthy food. My intention is to inspire others to live and eat healthy by sharing my ideas, discoveries and knowledge about healthy food and lifestyles.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Radha! Sounds like you are on to a good thing here. CTM had been refined & tried over centuries, a sensible practice to great health & general wellness. Mum explained the same to me about cooking some foods as I tended to be quite mucus-ey (TMI I know), eventually I took it on board & reading through your description of Excessive Hot/Cold symptoms I realised I'm a balanced little one these days. YEA! She'd be so proud 🙂 Looking forward to your tasty recipes & more.

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